Scholarlab and Global Nexus Partner to Bring High-Quality Virtual Labs to APAC Region

Scholarlab Technologies Private Limited, a leading provider of educational technology solutions that help students learn and thrive through 3D enabled and interactive virtual labs, has partnered with Global Nexus Pvt Ltd to bring its products and services to the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region.

The partnership will primarily focus on the K-12 category, encompassing Grade 6 through Grade 12. Scholarlab's virtual labs are used by individual students, schools, and other educational institutions around the world. They provide students with access to high-quality, interactive learning experiences that can help them to better understand complex scientific concepts.

The partnership between Scholarlab and Global Nexus will provide students in the APAC region with access to a wide range of virtual labs that are rich in content and catered towards the international curricula. This will help students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in school and beyond.

What is Scholarlab?

Scholarlab Technologies Private Limited is at the forefront of transforming STEM education through the integration of gaming technologies. Our flagship product, Scholarlab, is an interactive 3D virtual lab designed to provide students and teachers in grades 6-12 with a captivating and immersive learning experience. By bringing science experiments to life, Scholarlab significantly improves learning outcomes and simplifies complex scientific concepts.

But our vision doesn't stop at traditional education tools. We are venturing into the meta-reality space, aiming to create a collaborative ecosystem for STEM education. Leveraging mixed reality, metaverse, and Web 3.0 technologies, Scholarlab seeks to establish collaborative workspaces where students can work together to tackle intriguing STEM challenges.

Our Philosophy

" Making Education Impactful "

Experiment Based Learning

We strongly believe that “Experiment based learning” will engage student's minds better and thus enable teachers to impart effective education.

Edgar Dale, the famous American educator postulated in his ”Cone of Experience” that while we retain only around 10% of what we read while we tend to retain 90% of what we experience ourselves.

This is a widely accepted theory amongst educators and yet they find it very challenging to bring such learning experiences to students within the limitations of a classroom.

This is a challenge we hope to conquer for the teachers of the world. We believe that AR and VR based education will provide opportunities for high levels of knowledge retention by Experience.

The Global Issue: The Lack Of Accessible And Effective STEM Labs For Skills Development

At Scholarlab, we recognize a global problem: a lack of STEM skills. We believe that STEM education is critical to success in the modern world, and we're on a mission to make it more impactful.

Unfortunately, many students struggle to understand science concepts and apply them to real-life scenarios. The need to make STEM education more impactful has never been greater. In India, more than 70% of students have difficulties understanding science concepts. In the United States, only 20% of high school graduates are prepared for college-level STEM majors. There is a fundamental gap in understanding the relevance of scientific theories, leading many students to memorize concepts by rote.

The ScholAR Solution

This is where Scholarlab comes in. By offering cutting-edge virtual lab technology and interactive 3D experiences, we aim to bridge the gap in STEM education. Our goal is to make STEM education more engaging and impactful, helping students understand complex concepts and apply them to real-world scenarios. With Scholarlab, students can experience hands-on learning in a virtual environment, making STEM education more accessible and exciting than ever before.

The mission of Scholarlab is to help students develop the STEM skills they need to succeed in the modern world. By addressing the fundamental issues in STEM education, we hope to make a lasting impact on students' lives and empower them to achieve their full potential.

create accessibility and opportunity
Experiments beyond the lab
cost effective
Increased experiment and repitition
collaborative learning

Scholarlab's virtual labs enable students to conduct science experiments in a safe and controlled environment, without the need for expensive equipment or physical labs. By providing a platform for experiment-based learning, Scholarlab aims to engage students' minds and make science education more accessible and effective.

Furthermore, Scholarlab's approach to science education is designed to bridge the gap between theory and real-world application. By providing interactive simulations and scenarios, students can better understand the relevance of scientific theories and how they can be applied to real-life situations.

Our Team


Balaji Venkataraman – CEO

Balaji Venkataraman, CEO and Co-founder of Scholarlab, boasts over two decades of corporate IT experience with leading multi-billion dollar companies across the globe, including the United States, India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. His extensive international exposure has enriched his understanding of diverse markets and technological landscapes.

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Fraxan Stanley – CBO

Fraxan Stanley, CBO and Co-founder of Scholarlab and Aye Learning Labs (AyeLabz), is an entrepreneurial leader with a mission to transform education. AyeLabz focuses on comprehensive learning tools for K12 schools, emphasizing skill development rooted in child psychology. They aim to become a global leader in education products, impacting millions of students.

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Kartik Shah-CTO

Kartik Shah is the CTO and Co-founder of Scholarlab, focused on making education impactful and accessible. He leads the integration of Scholarlab with client applications and Learning Management Systems (LMS) while developing the platform's technical backbone.

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Ex-Headmasters, Educators, Institute Administrators and Learning & Development Specialists. We are advised by leading authorities in the fields of Education, Psychology, Psychiatry, Parent and Child management, Behavioural Traits, Cognitive Sciences and Health Management. Our partnerships include leading teams in 3D / VR / AR content, AI/ML tech and wellness.

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